6 Delirious Study Hacks

Exams season is here, and here are some tips

Delirious Antidotes

My final set of mock exams before my final exams in 2015 started last Friday and I have spent every day since revising and learning how to revise. Today presents me with a Biology exam and a Media exam and I have to say that I am perhaps most unprepared I have been all week, yet far more prepared than I have been any other year. That’s because I decided to learn about revision techniques, and I have compiled some of the tips that worked best for me.

Study Hacks and Revision Tips

Revision tipsRead Upside Down

If cramming is a must, read upside down (the paper, not you) and out loud. You’ll focus more on what you are reading than you will when you are mindlessly skimming your books, despite the fact that it’s a slow technique.

45 minutes

Your brain finds it difficult to retain information after 45 minutes…

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I like water. It’s my favourite drink, probably. I don’t know why I like it so much. It’s so plain. What does it even taste of? Nothing I can describe, anyway. It’s the refreshing nature of the drink that I most enjoy, and probably the fact that whether or not you can drink it is rarely dependent on the weather.

This week, there have been some great posts posted into the blogosphere. Here are just three that I have selected:

Ghost Towns

Occasionally on the news, we read stories about how in some countries like China where the economy has suddenly boomed, there are areas called ghost towns. These are vast areas where buildings have been planned, built and erected but not a single person lives in them. They are utterly deserted, as if they are contaminated with the renmants of a nuclear blast.
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Understanding the Mind: 3 Misconceptions About Mental Health

Mental health is often described as an elephant in the room although I’d beg to differ. Nowadays, it is a topic of public discourse, but do we really know what we are talking about? Within this series (“Understanding the Mind”), I aim to provide readers with an insight about what mental illness is.

There are many misconceptions about mental health and people’s ignorance concerning the topic is something that I don’t understand. If you’re going to discuss the topic of mental health – which, is kinda a sensitive topic to be discussing – make sure you have you facts right.
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Insecure Writers Support Group Day – June 2014

This month i have been feeling very insecure about my writing. I ummed and arred about whether to take a Creative Writing course, and purchased yet more books on the subject.

But its also been a month where I’ve seen 4 of my fellow peers get publishing contracts and another self publish her novel. There is hope, and there are options…if only i could blooming finish something lol
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As I write this, I’m not quite sure what this blog will be about or why I started it. After all, I do own another blog here on WordPress. No, you’re not knowing what it’s called. If you can guess, keep it to yourself.

So, hello WordPress! In this instant I have decided that, for the time being, this blog will be my eyes and ears; my test; my insight; my lab. What that quite means, I’m not sure. But I will be sharing a whole variety of posts with you all.

If you’d like me to share one of your posts, please send me the link to it.